About Us

We are team of designers and web developers who work closely with clients to deliver a personalised, creative, effective service to our customers

Our goal is to help our clients communicate more effectively with their customers through the use of clear, concise, targeted content and the effective use of online and offline marketing material.

Digital Services

With over 10 years experience of website production we are masters of the art.  We create websites with a personality, all rooted in a solid technical base and with full Search Engine Optimisation features. For those who are technical we are happy to talk technical details, for those of you who aren’t, don’t worry, we know what we are doing!

We create websites of all shapes and sizes - sites that work at different levels for different purposes. From serious Business-to-Business sites to local artists. From huge sites featuring hundreds of pages and handle 300,000 page views a month, to modest sites for local businesses.  Each site is an individual creation and crafted just for you!  

UK based hosting
No matter however diverse the design and size, all our sites are underpinned by a solid technical platform, and hosted on our UK based server.  

Get your website seen
Its great getting your site launched, but that can be just the start of the journey. We understand how critical Google has become, and we help you manage the next phase of the process - of getting your site onto google, without resorting to jargon, catch phrases or indecipherable lists of abbreviations.  All our sites are set up to be ‘Search Engine Friendly’ and we offer a range of optimisation programmes to run once your site has gone live.

To complement your web or print promotion, we can also offer email marketing, creating campaigns or newsletters to be emailed to hundreds or recipients, or tens of thousands, all with full reporting functions to analyse opening rates and responses

A one stop shop for all your digital and traditional promotional needs.

For more information please email us via the contact link or call 0161 273 4000.

Branding and Creative Design

Branding and corporate identity and exhibition display compliment our digital services to offer a complete package.   From corporate brochures and business cards, to signage and exhibition & display design, we love it all! Our design wins plaudits and our production partner companies deliver with superb quality and customer service

We manage the whole process. Whilst it’s a time proven, structured process, it is also always unique,  Each project has its creative spark, its business goals and its financial boundaries. Our designers create great concepts which are presented as PDFs or laserprint mockups, developed to approval with client participation, and then put through production bringing in specialist photographers, illustrators and copywriters as required.  All projects are costed in advance and given a schedule to ensure timely delivery.

Over the years we have handled such a variety or work that it is difficult to produce a finite list, but the following gives a flavour!

  • Logo and Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Sales Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Annual Reports
  • Training Material

Exhibition and Display
Complementing the print design is our exhibition work. Whether you need display material for a retail outlet, a product launch, a conference or exhibition hall, we can insure you're making exactly the right kind of impact. Whether you have a freestanding stand, shell scheme or simply a pop-up or free-standing display, we are pleased to get  involved.

Social Media and SEO

Having a great website is only part of the solution.  You really need to consider the broader picture - Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.

We work with clients to define what is the best mix, and put in place a programme which will promote your message to the right people in the language they understand.

As we all know Google has become the dominant force of internet search. At Manchester Creative we help you understand Google and the Search Engine jungle, without resorting to jargon, catch phrases or indecipherable lists of abbreviations.

We have a track record of achieving top ranking and first page on google for clients’ search phrases. It’s not instant, and it isn’t free. But we do have proven success in getting our client phrases onto page one and keeping them there. Sometimes we can do this in 3 months, sometimes it takes longer, but it needs to be seen as a long term strategy.

We control the process for you and supply you with detailed monthly reports which show how each of your search phrases is performing on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We can also break this down into US and UK results (and others) if overseas traffic is is relevant to your particular business.

A one stop shop for all your digital and traditional promotional needs.

For more information please email us via the contact link or
call 0161 273 4000.